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Stay In The Gaps

“Can you think in all of your World Books A through Z of one big leap of humanity that was ever accomplished by the majority, by all those people out there rushing like mad to be the same? Can you think of one great jump of art or thought that was ever accomplished by the mainstream?

“Rosa Parks,” Manuel continued, “got up from her seat all alone and became a black magnet in the gaps. Now, thousands of black people are following her in. Every shaman, every conjure man who buries the world-wonder root, every artist, every scientist or schoolteacher that goes to the edge of the usual and acceptable world and risks looking over, risks the sight of real principles, sees right into the gaps.

“If you follow what is true you will find yourself paying more for every breath, but it’s sweeter air. Stay in the gaps, mijo. Love for the land is here. Resistance is here. The company’s better in here.”

-Manuel, speaking to his son Beto in La Maravilla. Written by Alfredo Véa, Jr., the story is set in Buckeye, Arizona, where Mexican, Yaqui, and American worlds collide in the days before Phoenix reached the distant barrio.


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