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Timeless (audio release)

Verse 1

C Infinite
because I see infinitely
Gather light years
between my fingertips quickly
Many lives thrive
underneath the sunrise
and as I open up my eyes
I feel the love undisguised
Somtimes, I just remember
the heartbeat of my child
against the the tension in my life
the hurt and fear that are mine
I want time, I want time
repeat the line
It doesn’t matter
The world gives and takes
despite desire, and banter
despite your plans up ahead
or regrets far behind
we’re part of cycles
that keep moving through time
stressing our mind
‘cause we believe in control
we have to learn to let go
and that way we’ll get more
inside turmoil, commotion
love and hate mixed together
like the swirl of the ocean
but if you keep counting days
you lose track of what matters
the legacy of love
but not the years we think of
the actions that you take,
create a positive state
make you…timeless


Picture life in a drop of rain
the world in dust storm
carried by cosmic rays

Yes in death our fam lives on
music and spirit
memories always stay strong

At the edge of the past
foot too hard on the gas
at that pace we can’t last

Lines bleed between days
lives slipping and pass quick
we born to disintegrate

Verse 2

What if there was only
one year between
birth and death?
Would it be less stress?
Would it be less distress?
With lives not defined
by numbers and rigid time?
Would that help open the mind?
Help design meaning
in our lives?
What if we measured our time
not with numbers
but qualities? Relationships?
and within those
the arc of infinity?
If we learned to understand
the world in rhythm and cycles
words circulating in cyphers
passing through modern disciples
linked to ancient traditions
surviving through breath and the tongue
deep rooted in human
with depth that can stun
What if we didn’t measure time
by years and days that went by?
Would you be more satisfied?
Would you lead a fuller life?
Would it make sense to draw lines
between what you do
and what you don’t?
Dwelling in fear and doubt
repeating patterns of the past
as life filters through ash
and when it’s time to leave this Earth
you’ll wish you had a second chance…


released 19 October 2014
C Infinite – vocals, lyrics, arrangement
Henry Franklin – bass
Nolan Shaheed – trumpet
Chaz Mortimer – drums

Vocals and drums recorded at Aluja Productions
(Portland, OR)

Bass and trumpet recorded at No-Sound Studio
(Pasadena, CA)

Mixed and mastered by Yamio 263 at Ascended Masters Dojo
(Portland, OR)


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