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The Fifth (with audio)

Photo: Yeahsoo

Photo: Yeahsoo

White wall tires
roll over desert stones
as monsoon clouds
push the sky
with a slow, swirling dance.
Silent against the blue,
turbulent through the wind,
he feels the cigarette
burn into his thumb,
parking the car now
under the narrow shadow
of the old growth saguaro.
And he surrenders
to the searing crush,
under which he is
claimed by
the spirits that own
this bedazzled land.
Lightning fractures the front
and his breath is suspended
where earth meets sky.
Purple thrust
through boiling
white-rimmed clouds.
There is no other now
There is no other now
There is no other now
There is no other now
No other, no.
Just the man,
just the man and his,
forsaken life and his,
blistered mind and his,
frozen time and his,
feeling, feeling…
The fifth.
The fifth element.
The fifth.
Sandboxed and disheveled,
fat drops of rain
explode dust clouds
across the metal hood,
star burst universe,
as he exhales,
feeling like
time’s been wasted.

Instrumental release: 29 April 2014 by Tom Walbank
Vocal track release: 10 May 2014 by C Infinite/Rafael Otto
Winston Watson – Drums
Tom Walbank – Harmonica, mix, mastering and recording at Wavelab on an iphone
Gabriel Sullivan – Godzilla scream guitar/Studio, Tucson, AZ on an iphone
C Infinite/Rafael Otto – Vocals, vocal mix and mastering


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