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Libra (with audio)

C Infinite“Libra” – a deep, dark story over a meditative groove.

Music by Aluja.


The arc of the moral universe is long but
at times it can be hard to be strong
patience just out of reach, and it’s difficult to see
that the arc bends, yes, toward justice and peace


Niko realized
his life was out of balance
shifting in the dark
dependence, self-reliance
thinking bout the death of his friend
Lalo shot in the gut,
broad daylight,
tragically left for dead.
Hardly noticed by the press,
hardly got any attention.
Families grieving,
while Niko thought about revenge.
In school pursuing education,
reading Camus’ The Stranger
weighing street credentials
dismissing thoughts of danger.
A life disguised and confidential,
inside crucially dissected,
despair and inner tension…
Grasping for life lines,
grasping for intention.
Could not define
a right mind,
but had decided to decide
that the life of his friend
was worth at least
one, more, life.


Caught the bus,
took a seat in the back,
the black strategy in motion
Niko knowing it was time to react.
Met his uncle out in Gresham,
approached with uneasy pressure,
deep inside he held the mission,
to obtain illegal weapons.
Of course his uncle would oblige
because his mind was criminal,
his life below the radar,
actions brute and sinister.
Had known Lalo as a kid,
remembered back in those days
the life in kids eyes defined
by a naive haze.
But the present tension mounted
and Niko wanted control
despite the tale he was spinning
of the trigger he’d pull
of blood shed
and retribution
of violent solutions
of standing in the crucible
of hate and isolation,
with, a distrust of nation
a constitution lacking patience
staring fate in the eyes
while his future disintegrated
gut filled with hate and
driven with decisions
to take his chance in crime.


He put the pistol in his waist,
like all gunmen do,
the press of metal on his gut
felt the power come through.
Time was liquid blurry,
body shaking,
movements slow and hurried
Address of the killer, now
seared into his mind,
Uncle driving with intention
but clearly taking his time.
At the house,
two lights on,
Uncle waiting round the corner
while Niko checked for sounds
Nothing, all was quiet,
a sullen Sunday night,
Niko clinging to the glory of a
blazing gun fight
Same time mind was racing
memories faded
anger at the center,
rationed logic disintegrated
as he went up the steps and pushed
the unlocked
Drew the pistol, started searching
for the man he looked for,
and before him nothing mattered,
behind the future called
down the staircase came the shooter
dressed in sweats, face alarmed.
Niko raised the pistol, fired
quick into the wall
before falling fast to
the unfamiliar floor.
Then his Uncle entered,
took two shots from one knee,
the man fell,
blood running
across the floor to Niko’s feet.
They left the house,
started driving,
night heavy, swollen,
sense of things had been
static silence
for a while
before Niko asked
with his eyes,
for his Uncle
to clarify:
Lalo worked for me,
and you can too,
but since I saw you follow
and get revenge for our
I’ll tell you once,
and only once,
you can run with me
but you don’t have to.


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