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Jazz Was Born (spoken word)

Two Views cover
Jazz was
in the backwater swamps
of America’s bottomland,
in the depth of dark nights
amid humid enclaves
of soul and torture,
of blues and oppressed minds,
of lies
and the crucible
of slave minds
and minds that crushed lives,
of the socially distorted
solution derived from
suppressed constitutions,
born of
the underbelly networks
of slaves and servants
working in collusion
because of the power of music.
Of shared tones
spoken through the bones
of time,
handed from one man
to another,
to wife, to child,
to families wild
in the heartbroken expanse
of oppression,
Deep drive to survive
in a country rich
with the sweet
smell of open earth,
the stench of life
reminds of
the world of dust and spirits,
sound of hellhounds against
the quivering quake of crickets,
echoes timeless
under a moonlit sky,
broken by black shadow branches
spinning the irrepressible
twist of time
where spirit acts true
in the land of mankind.
Jazz was born.
of black hands,
from Africa­land
from diasporic conditions
that predisposed those
with black skin
to a fate
designed to segregate
as whiteness
came to dominate.
jazz was born.
From the breath of the forlorn
inside the swallow of afternoon shadows
under searing summer suns.
Press on.
born of the blues,
structured over
the rhythm of ancient lives,
of taut sinew,
tied and strung,
forced into melody,
singing the key to survival
and ancestry.
Press on.
Salt lick skin,
notes played
with vigor,
the hot press
and deep breath
pushed notes into ether
where they linger,


C Infinite – lyrics, vocals
Henry Franklin – bass

Vocals and bass recorded at No-Sound Studio
(Pasadena, CA)

Mixed and mastered by Yamio 263 at Ascended Masters Dojo
(Portland, OR)


One comment on “Jazz Was Born (spoken word)

  1. ferryride
    February 5, 2015

    So great to see who you were working with. Again, such an amazing piece.

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